Flexi Plan
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Flexi Plan

Do your homework and you’ll find not all hire purchase plans are created equal. Many plans will offer a variety of gimmicks, gifts, and other tricks designed to grab your attention. But upon closer review, these plans often contain hidden costs and/or questionable payments terms.

At Astaphans, we have great respect for our customers. We feel honesty and customer loyalty go hand-in-hand. For this reason, we offer a simple, straight-forward hire purchase plan with no gimmicks, no hidden costs. Introducing Astaphan’s new Hire Purchase Flexi-Plan.* With free delivery, lower interest rates, instant credit approval and no deposit or down payment, Flexi-Plan is more affordable and more flexible than ever.

Flexible payment options for the things you want today.

  • Low Interest Rates

  • Instant Credit Approval

  • Custom Payment Plans

  • No Down Payments

  • No Hidden Fees

For information on how we can customize the perfect hire purchase plan for you

Please call 767-488-3221 or 767-255-2772

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