Furniture and home items sale in Dominica

Furniture and home items sale in Dominica

Astaphans is a top-notch commercial company offering the highest quality furniture and home items sale in Dominica. We operate our business with a mission to advance the essence of the life of Dominicans by allowing them to have enough for the things that can hoist their everyday life.

How often should you replace your household items?

No one wants to sleep on an unsupportive mattress, sit on a saggy sofa, or use any other old and worn out household items. It's pretty obvious to know the expiry date of things like your toothbrush, but the exact time to replace other everyday home items isn't that clear. While more of your home items never have a notable expiration date like the one you’ll find on your milk and groceries, your furniture and other accessories have a replacement date.

Now we’ve got some news for you. Take a look at the average lifespans for different standard furniture and other home items:

  • Replace your Mattress after 5-10 years
  • Replace shower liners every 3-12 months
  • Carpets- Apartment grade (1-5 years), medium grade (5-15 years), High-end grade (15-25 years)
  • Replace your bathroom rugs after 1-2 years
  • Replace your sofas after 7-15 years
  • Replace the pillows after six months to 3 years
  • Replace the laundry appliances after 10-13 years
  • Replace the non-stick pans and pots after five years

Exceptional tips for choosing the best household items

Whether you’re living alone or with your family, buying quality household items is essential to keep your space attractive and comfortable. Your house is where you, your family, and guests spend the majority time together. Choosing the perfect home items that create a welcoming and pleasant appearance is the key to getting your home attractive and serene.

Assessing the top furniture and home items sale in Dominica can be fun as well as anxiety-including activity. But if you follow the below smart shopping tips, you'll approach the process without panicking:

  • Make plans
  • Take measurements
  • Evaluate your current décor
  • Know what’s so important
  • Know your lifestyle
  • Trust your judgment
  • Go for high-quality value on your price range

High-quality and luxurious household items

We're happy for being the leading and beyond compare the dealer for luxurious, high-quality, and lasting household items. We focus on building our business reputation by satisfying all our customers. Our mission is to sell the highest quality and affordable household items to allow every Dominican to improve the standard of their life.

We believe in developing a substantial and long-term relationship with our customers. Our friendly and enthusiastic employees value all our customers by treating them with respect and concern. We strive to offer exceptional customer services to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

Shop high-quality household items

If you’re looking for the premier furniture and home items sale in Dominica, we’re here to serve you with the highest quality products that suit your lifestyle.

Do you want to purchase top-quality households to keep you home beautiful and comfortable? Visit Astaphans supermarket and supercenter today to shop luxurious and tiptop furniture and home items of your choice.

Furniture and home items sale in Dominica
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Furniture and home items sale in Dominica