World Milk Day

Since 2001, World Milk Day has  been celebrated annually around the world on June 1st. This special day was established by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the  United  Nations.

During World Milk Day we share the story of milk! Milk as important nutritional source.
All over the world we organize activities during this day to pass’ the goodness of milk  story’ on.


Milk, good by nature

Just like Vegetables, fruits, fish, bread and oils, milk is part of a healthy diet. These basic foodstuffs provide the nutrients which the body needs in order to be able to function properly.

By nature, milk contains proteins, vitamins B2, B12 and minerals such as calcium nutrients that the body needs but cannot make itself. The vitamins act as a kind of ‘lubricant’ for your body as the help numerous processes to run smoothly. The vitamins B2 and B12 help to make you feel more fit and energetic.


Dairy, and excellent basis for healthy diet

Milk and milk products are apart of a healthy diet from Asia to the Americas and from Africa to Europe. This has been included in recommendations for healthy food given by national food and health organizations. Milk (products) contain indispensable nutrients that all people need, where ever they live in the world and whatever their age.
Drinking two glasses of milk a day provides 70% of vitamin B12 and more than 50% of the vitamin B2 your body requires on a daily basis. But also over 60% of the calcium and 28% of the recommended amount of protein. Therefore, two or three servings of dairy per day are an excellent basis for a healthy diet !

Milk and exercise

In order to be able to move and to feel strong and fit, your body needs more. For example, Strong bones for keeping your back straight and to stand upright. Your muscles make you stand firmly on your feet and enable you to move and walk by yourself until an advanced age.
Also your nervous system must function well; after all your nerves must tell your muscles what they have to do. For all your body must be able to use the energy from your daily food and drink.