· Versatile for preparing pizza, chips, roasts or casseroles, baking cakes, baking rolls and much more.
· ideally suited for large pizzas
· optimal results: top and bottom heat elements can be operated separately or together
· also ideally suited for large pizzas and cake tins with a diameter of up to 28 cm
· Temperature adjustment between 100 and 230 °C


This little jack-of-all-trades prepares whatever your appetite desires, from rolls and cakes to chips, casseroles and 28 cm diameter pizzas. Top and bottom heat elements of the mini oven can be operated individually or combined at temperatures up to 230°C. A timer with a beep reminds you when the pre-set time has elapsed.

  • 60 minute timer with beep after completion of the pre-set time
  • short heating-up time
  • Power: approx. 1,500 W